How to spend
How to spend in Campagne Hakuba iitokodori! How to spend cottages
A lot of experience, play to be able to enjoy Hakuba in all seasons

Came to Nagano; "making soba experience." It is completed for approximately two hours from 11:00! Lunch is true food with soba which we made by oneself♪
Ceramic art, dragonfly jewelry experience in place of around ten minutes is fun from cottage, too.

>>>Coupon which is usable in play experience
>>>Guidance of playing

In cottage Nara! Pleasure to create meal in oneself preference

To snacks of 3:00, we purchase sweets in popular patisserie "SweetShot" in Hakuba. Because it is completely equipped in cottage both refrigerator and kitchen utensil, you can buy in hall.
Let's supply midnight snack and ingredients on the next morning in supermarket nearby. Preparations are completed in this!

>>>Coupon which is usable for meal
>>>Guidance of eating

We charge power to throw heart and body open, and to be filled with naturally!

After having enjoyed staying in cottage, we sense nature of Hakuba bodily, and let's return. We want to stop at hot spring, and "canoe" cannot exclude winter "skiing for "trekking" "horseback riding", too". Because child is natural experience to be able to be idle safely, it is good to the making of memory of family. The outskirts of Campagne Hakuba are treasure houses of play.

>>>Guidance of hot spring
>>>Guidance of playing
>>>Guidance of slope

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