Cottage guide
Cottage guide
Cottage recommended accommodation plan
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※We can have you purchase gondola, lift of the foot of advantageous Hakuba in rupoze Hakuba.


Way of enjoying in cottage
Body care takes a bath by ion effect of SEV Easy cooking to cook with friend in kitchen The winter season "pan" or "yakiniku!" Stomach is satisfactory, too With cottage amenity comfortable as for the pet
Simple recipe

100 g of cream cheese
Favorite jam appropriate amount
Pasta source appropriate amount
(Karashi Mentaiko taste)
Shio-konbu appropriate amount

  1. We cut cream cheese 2cm at the corner.
  2. We arrange cream cheese to container.
  3. We ride favorite jam, pasta source, Shio-konbu on each cheese.

①It will prevent you from putting on cheese too much as pasta source is strong.
②Cheese seems to be easy to work, and refrigerator nominates, and let's cut into pieces immediately.